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Looking For a Solution Not Just A Product?

Emerge From The Ordinary

Why pay high prices for services with fewer features and limited support?

SMB Businesses Deserve Enterprise Services

Why not have a feature-rich UC Platform, security that exudes confidence against threats, cloud storage options that actually make saving easier, and contact center solutions that can actually improve customer satisfaction?

Local Teams For Local Solutions

Why not have a local team to support businesses in their local language? Our teams are 100% US-based and ready to help!

Business Continuity

Contact Center

Office 365


Cloud Storage


What Makes Our Services Better?

Our Personnel Skillsets

We believe that people and processes make for predictable performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Project Managers

Our service desk is staffed with project managers and we treat every contact as a project.

Local Resources

We have local “feet on the street” for our clients as well as a network with over 280k technology people in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

People You Know

Our goal is that our clients get to know our service desk and onsite technical resources. We know at some point all our clients will call our support desk and we want a recognizable voice or face when they do.

Best Of Breed Technology

At Emergentz Technologies, we aren’t interested in which brand has the best marketing. We provide the best products for our clients.


With over 50-years of combined industry experience, we have worked with almost all hardware out there. What we have learned is that we can deliver state-of-art products for $100s instead of $1000s by dropping the name brand.


Software, which covers so much nowadays, should be three things. Easy to use, extremely reliable, and priced fairly. We try to work with the best instead of the best-marketed products.


While the majority of all our support is done within our service desk, there are some issues where we will reach out for help. Our partners are the best in the business and all US-based for a seamless feel to all our clients.


If a business needs a new piece of hardware or an entirely new network, the same folks working with our clients on the phone will be onsite to assist with any project neeeds.

Network Engineering

Having issues with your switch or router? Need a network guru to diagnose what is going wrong? We can help!

Structured Cabling

Whether businesses are looking for copper, fiber, or both, we can accommodate. Our installs are professional and warrantied but priced for SMB.

General Staffing

Need a coder or a network engineer for a month, a year, or even longer? We can get resources onsite quickly that will assist with small or large needs.

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