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Emerge From The Ordinary

Why pay high prices for services with fewer features and limited support?

SMB Businesses Deserve Enterprise Services

Why not have a feature-rich UC Platform, security that exudes confidence against threats, cloud storage options that actually make saving easier, and contact center solutions that can actually improve customer satisfaction?

Local Teams For Local Solutions

Why not have a local team to support businesses in their local language? Our teams are 100% US-based and ready to help!

Enterprise Technology Designed For The Small-to-Medium Business

Emergentz Technologies (E.T.) was designed and built by an SMB business owner for other SMB business owners. After years of struggling to find a provider that offered real, commercial business technology to its clients and would work to fit into the budget, he finally determined that there really wasn’t one out there that didn’t want to fleece the bottom line. They were basically selling enterprise products with fewer licenses that just made the cost go up. At E.T., we believe that our clients deserve enterprise-level hardware, software, support, and features without having to scale down something to make it fit. All our products offer enterprise-level functionality but are actually designed for the SMB and are priced accordingly. Our goal is to be the best SMB provider with services to our satisfied clients at a fair price.


A single provider for all your technology needs? What a concept! We believe that our customers deserve the best technology at a fair price. We strive to cover all of your phone, email, storage, security, and billing under one umbrella with one point of contact for everything.

Consolidated Billing

Keeping up with bills for voice, Internet, and other technology needs can be a full-time job by itself. We can minimize this hassle into a single invoice for everything. Itemized for each and every charge, but one invoice that includes all of your technology.

Local Support

Why not have a local team to support businesses in their local language? Hired directly from the areas we serve. Our teams are 100% US-based and ready to help! We take pride in our support as well as our clients getting what they need every time.

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Built For SMB

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