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Cellular Business Continuity

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Cellular Business Continuity

What is Cellular Business Continuity? First, Business Continuity is defined as “the processes, procedures, decisions, and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption”. We can provide a carrier-agnostic approach to keep a business network up and running even if the main broadband or DIA Internet solutions is down. This is done using advanced LTE and is 5G-ready where services are available. All this can be accomplished with minimal hardware expense and even less monthly reoccurring cost.

With one of our SIMs, any business’s LTE/5G modem can pick up the strongest carrier nearest to that business. If either included or added to a standard router, the service can actually take over for the main Internet circuit if it should go down.

Businesses that are looking to bump their bandwidth can look to cellular as well. Some businesses have one provider that will not provide multiple circuits or adding another is cost-prohibitive. With a cellular SIM and a cellular modem, we offer all-you-can-eat plans with no throttling. 

For businesses with remote locations, we have cellular solutions if there are no other broadband solutions in the area. We can provide outdoor routers that can be placed on a pole or rooftop to get cleaner and further signals.

Need an Internet solution for promotional events, open-air venues,  or anywhere there isn’t wired Internet or WiFi? Looking for a temporary connection that only gets used occasionally? Why pay for this service every month when you use it every other?

Is your business tired of travel costing your team time? How about a mobile hot spot that is carrier-agnostic and easy to use just about anywhere?

Our cellular services are accessible globally and almost everywhere. Our networks are much more secure than “friendly” WiFi networks and the bandwidth is more cosistent.


Our Cellular Technology


▾ IMSI Roaming SIM with International Connectivity
▾ AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile in the US
▾ Smart SIM Auto-Selects the Best Network

Key Benefits

▾ Improved Coverage
▾ Simplified Management
▾ Private Network
▾ Static IP Available
▾ Flexible Pricing Options

Key Differentiators

▾ No Network Steering for Cost Optimization
▾ Roaming on All Carriers in the US
▾ Hardware and Software Add-Ons and Logistics Capabilities
▾ Local data centers for Superior Latency
▾ Single APN Globally

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